Global Linking

A way to link your accounts globally

Link once, join on every server with Global Linking enabled.

Link your account globally

Global Linking is a central place for servers to see if a Bedrock player has a Java Edition account linked. By linking your account globally you don't need to link on every server you want to join.


The servers you'll connect to as a player won't know anything but the basic info about your account, which is: your Java Edition username, your Java Edition unique id and your Xbox Id.

Always free

This is a free service developed by GeyserMC (best known for Geyser). We will never charge people for using the service, and we will never sell your data.

Takes less than 5 minutes

Linking your account is pretty simple. On average it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the linking process.

Ready to link your account?

We'll guide you through the process

How do I enable Global Linking? (for server owners)

Global Linking (and linking in general) is enabled by default starting with Floodgate 2.0 so normally you don't have to do anything. But to ensure that it's enabled you can do the following.
Open your Floodgate config (located at /plugins/floodgate/config.yml) and make sure that the player-link section looks similar to this:

# Configuration for player linking
# Whether to enable the linking system. Turning this off will prevent
# players from using the linking feature even if they are already linked.
enabled: true
use-global-linking: true

For more frequently asked questions look at our GitHub wiki page